Reducing the National Minimum Age for Paintball

One of the main initiatives of the UKPBA is to standardise the minimum age for paintballing across the UK. Why is it that 7 year olds can safely and happily play paintball at some paintball centres however other paintball operators have a strict 12 years and over age limit?

Differences in safety standards deny youngsters the opportunity to enjoy a day of action-packed paintball.

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UKPBA 5-star Paintball Centres

With paintball increasing in popularity, we want the public to know exactly what they will receive when they visit a paintball centre. There are vast differences in the quality of paintball centres in the UK and that’s why we’ve devised a system that issues 5-star ratings to the best paintball centres in Australia.

This initiative provides greater information to the public so they can make more informed decisions as to where they will enjoy their next paintball outing. This also pushes all paintball centres to improve their facilities, which at the end of the day improves the paintball experience for the customer.

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Peacocks Insurance – Insurance Partnership with the UKPBA

It was an UKPBA initiative to offer discounted premiums to members, which we are excited to announce. Peacocks Insurance is an UK privately owned general insurance brokerage, dedicated to supplying clients with quality insurance advice and a guaranteed high level of personalised customer service.

This partnership now means that UKPBA members receive reduced broker fees, a dedicated account manager and a range of additional features, on top of their discounted premiums.

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