At Delta Force we know how much effort it can take to organise all of your friends for a day of outdoor adventure playing paintball. That’s why we reward you for all of your hard work – for every 20 players you book in on a standard paintball package we will give you one free place with entrance, equipment hire and 300 free paintballs! It is our way of thanking you for all of your time and effort.

So why not get your friends together and organise a paintball team – you will be rewarded for your efforts. Here are a few hints on how to organise your paintball event with friends, family and colleagues:

1. Talk to people. In order to generate the greatest ‘buzz’ about paintballing, we have

found that it really helps to talk to as many people as possible about it. The more people you invite, the more free places you will receive.

2. Party animals. In most circles of friends and workplaces there are a few known ‘livewires’ – people with magnetic personalities that are always up for anything – get these people involved in creating some excitement for the day of paintball.

3. Posters. Put them up on your notice board at work.

4. Texts. Send out some texts and ask people to pass it on to other people that might be interested in a day of outdoor adventure.

5. Emails. Just like texts, everyone has an email address and it is a great way to spread some of the excitement and organise your paintball event.

6. Gather entry fees early. Once people have paid you their £10 (OK, £9.99)

they are definitely coming. Until that time they are nothing more than

‘maybes’ – no matter what they say!

7. Deadline. Set an early deadline by which people have to have paid you their

£10 (you can always extend it a bit). If people commit early then they are less

likely to drop out owing to other commitments.

8. Choice of date. We can always change the date of the event if you find that a

lot of people can’t make the date you have set.

9. Excuses. A lot of people think paintball hurts. The truth is that it can, but

not at Delta Force. We provide fantastic and unique protective equipment

including goggles that cover the entire head, custom coveralls with padded

collars, and body armour!

10. Quality. Tell everyone how the event will be held at Delta Force.

Wayne Rooney and the entire Man U football team used us recently, as did

John Terry and the Chelsea FC team – they chose us because, well, we are the

best! We have top of the range equipment and amazing game zones – things like

double-decker buses, aircraft, tanks and giant stone pyramids.

11. Fun. Let everyone know how much fun this is going to be. Friendships are forged ‘under fire’, heroes (and cowards) will emerge and you and all of your mates will be talking about it for months to come.

Organising a paintball event is as easy as that with Delta Force – we have 22 National Paintball Centres throughout the UK, so no matter where you want to play paintball, there is a Delta Force centre near you. So gather your friends, organise your work colleagues and tell your family, because if you can get 14 players ready for the most exciting day of paintball adventure then you get to play absolutely free!