Australian Paintball Association Minimum Age Petition One of the main initiatives of the UKPBA is to standardise the minimum age for paintballing across the country. Why is it that 7 year olds can safely and happily play paintball at some centres with full protective equipment however other paintball operators are not equipped to offer children this activity until they are 12 years old?

Differences in equipment at UK Paintball centres deny children the opportunity to enjoy a day of action-packed paintball. All UKPBA approved venues place customer safety as their primary concern and this will not be compromised.

As with many other paintballing countries around the world, children and teenagers have been playing the sport for many years and are having the time of their lives. As proven throughout the UK, children’s birthday paintball parties are becoming increasingly popular as parents see the joy on kids faces after a day of paintballing.

In an attempt to achieve a standard minimum age nationwide, the UKPBA has setup a petition. Please help our cause by signing the petition here.