General Paintball Safety Tips

Due to the unpredictable and adventurous nature of paintball, there are various risks involved throughout the game. All of these risks, however, can be controlled or eliminated if the appropriate safety precautions are implemented. Operate only with quality-tested and approved paintball equipment, follow the game rules and guidelines, listen to the staff member instructions and you will be able to fully enjoy and appreciate the exciting sport of paintball.

  • The primary rule in paintball is to keep your goggles on at all times when in a game zone, or when paintball markers are otherwise present (for example to the “gun zone” at a paintball centre).
  • Never look down the barrel of a marker. Never assume that a marker is empty. Keep the marker pointed in a safe direction when not in use. It is best to assume that every marker is LOADED and treat it accordingly.
  • Only wear masks that are made specifically for paintball. All accredited members of the UKPBA have your safety as their first priority and will provide you with paintball-specific safety equipment.
  • Never alter your equipment. All equipment is kept in an optimum and SAFE operating condition. Altering the equipment may increase the risk of injury or damage and will only impede the safe operation of the equipment.
  • It is best not to play, other than at a qualified and accredited paintball site. Legitimate paintball sites are safe, controlled environments – places where someone else has to worry about insurance, risk assessments, training, supervision and control.
  • Never tamper with the gas bottle or propellant as these are potentially dangerous and should only be filled and serviced by qualified personnel.
  • Stretch before you play – paintball is a physical sport and you should therefore be physically prepared so as to avoid potential injury.

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