With paintball increasing in popularity, we want the public to know exactly what they will receive when they visit a paintball centre. There are vast differences in the quality of paintball centres in the UK and that’s why we’ve devised a system that issues 5-star ratings to the best paintball centres across England, Wales and Scotland.

This initiative provides greater information to the public so they can make more informed decisions as to where they will enjoy their next paintball outing. This also pushes all paintball centres to improve their facilities, which at the end of the day improves the paintball experience for the customer.

Every paintball centre should have a wow factor that impresses the customer enough to want to come back. Through this paintball will generate positive word of mouth and the fun times and impressive safety aspects of the sport will be known to a wider audience.

Already the UK paintball industry has seen a dramatic improvement in paintballing standards, and we look forward to this continuing. Not only have the game scenarios improved, but so to have the equipment and onsite facilities, leading to a safer and more enjoyable day out for the customer.

At present the UKPBA has issued 5-star ratings to over 30 paintball centres nationwide.

We look forward to issuing more 5-star ratings as centres update and improve their facilities.

Click here to view the UKPBA 5-star locations.