The UKPBA, Great Britain’s leading authority on all things paintball, have for the twentieth year running awarded Delta Force Paintball with a five-star safety accreditation, in recognition of the company’s dedication to quality safety practices and modern facilities! Working in unison with UKPBA has led to fantastic advancements in equipment reliability, customer satisfaction, quality consistencyat every centre and many other essential values that has made Delta Force Paintball the most trusted name in the industry.

UKPBA 5 Star Safety Award to Delta-Force

So what exactly are the secrets of Delta Force Paintball’s success? Well, there aren’t any since Delta Force runs a tight and transparent ship; they place safety at the very top of their essential values, and aim to upkeep this with every single paintballing event. From the protective gear – which includes a US-spec state-of-the-art helmet and goggles system – to the highly-trained staff, no stone is left unturned when it comes to ensuring that players can enjoy their day out without worry.