At the beginning of 2014, paintballing will officially become a Scout activity as long as it’s provided by an operating member of the UKBPA or equivalent body, opening the way for thousands of players between the ages of 8 – 25 (including the Mini-ball format at selected venues). As an organisation that is dedicated to introducing paintball to a wider audience and promoting the integrity of the sport, this decision supports our belief that paintballing is a safe and enjoyable way to experience the great outdoors with family and friends.

Paintball fits ideally into the Scout programme, as it provides an environment that doesn’t discriminate against ability, gender, race or culture and continuously strives to promote inclusivity amongst the younger generations. This approach has already proved successful with the many schools who organise exhilarating paintball days out for their students, as do youth groups who look to reward those for whom they care.

There are many paintball centres throughout the UK that qualify as an industry-leading centre. We rigorously test these venues for their quality of service, the condition of on-site facilities, professionalism of the staff, level of safety and many more factors that contribute to the visitor’s overall experience. Any Scout groups that visit one of these centres can expect the best of the best when it comes to paintballing, as they have the UKPBA seal of approval.

Scout Young Children Paintball Players