Sunday the 3rd March finally saw the return of the Scouts to paintballing – ending a 16 year absence that started due to the low standards of paintballing safety and quality of facilities. Thankfully, times have changed drastically since then, with the UKPBA forever pushing for improvements across the board and many providers following suit. We only ever recommend players sign up with providers who carry 100% safety records and have proven themselves to place customer’s interests before anything else.

Safety Brief to Paintballers

The Leicestershire County Scouts were the lucky group to be one of the first to experience paintball under the Scout banner, playing at the Delta Force Paintball site in Kegworth, Nottingham. The feedback as reported on their website leaves a glowing report for the staff at the centre, so every credit goes to them for organising a fantastic day out for the group.

first scouts played paintball in kegworth

It is important for Scout groups to continue to view paintballing as source for outdoor activities and teambuilding exercises, as there are very few sports around as accessible and indiscriminatory as paintballing. Whatever your age or ability, paintballing welcomes players to try their best, encourage and inspire others to do so and help build confidence that can be taken into other walks of life.

Scout Group Paintball