IPG Paintball Tickets are the best value in the marketplace – according to a price comparison survey carried-out recently by the UK Paintball Association (The Governing Body of the Sport of Paintball) UKPBA/survey/
IPG Paintball sells paintball passes online but it also conducts promotions in shopping centres and at shows and exhibitions of all kinds.
The best way to pick yourself up a bargain is to buy from them at one of these promotions. Here’s how the deal works – for just £6 per head you’ll get entry, equipment and a full day’s play. You’ll need to buy 200 paintballs in advance, at a cost of £9.99, but that works out at just £4.99 per 100 paintballs (and that makes them the best value we found in our survey of 100 paintball centres in the UK). To help prevent over-enthusiastic players shooting all their paintballs too early in the day, IPG make it a term of their offer that the second 100 paintballs aren’t issued until the afternoon (around 3pm); we think this is a really good idea – especially when youngsters are playing. Please note: the above is based on the assumption that you’ll have picked-up from the sales person a certificate entitling you to a second 100 paintballs per person free of charge – otherwise the first 100 paintballs will cost you £9.99. If it sounds complicated – it isn’t! Just be sure to walk away from the promotion with 2 things – firstly a booklet of 10 tickets entitling you to all-day entry and equipment, and secondly a certificate entitling all your players to an additional 100 paintballs each. Then it’s cheap as chips!

The companies surveyed by the UKPBA included:

  • Skirmish
  • Ministry of Paintbal
  • Nationwide Paintball
  • Go Ballistic
  • UK Paintball
  • Bedlam
  • Delta Force Paintball
  • The Paintball Centre
  • Tower Paintball
  • Task Force Paintball
  • Ambush Paintball
  • Mega Paintball
  • South Manchester Paintball Arena
  • IPG Paintball

For further details about IPG you can find them at www.ipgvip.com