My City Deal Ltd trading as Groupon, one of the UK's leading 'group-buy discounters', suffered significant financial loss and great harm to it's commercial reputation on 5th October 2011 when Ministry of Paintball Ltd failed to fulfill it's obligations under a binding contract made between the two companies.


Ministry of Paintball Ltd (a company owned by the Australian former bankrupt David Ross) was to provide paintball services to Groupon's customers - 2,026 of whom had bought a Groupon voucher redeemable with Ministry of Paintball. However, Ministry of Paintball Ltd refused to provide Groupon's customers with the services to which they were entitled, leaving Groupon with no option but to issue refunds to all 2,026 purchasers of this voucher.

Groupon is believed to be considering legal action against Ministry of Paintball Ltd.

If you believe you have been miss-sold any paintball package please contact the UKPBA - we're here to help.

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